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Holy Husbands-Faithful Fathers

Another mother’s day has come and gone, and it is incumbent on all husbands and fathers to remember the call of scripture to model godliness as a holy husband and a faithful father so that appreciation for moms doesn’t just occur on one Sunday per year....

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Yahweh Nissi

How many of you have connected the name Yahweh Nissi with your wayward son or daughter? I know I hadn’t....

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What The Bible Teaches About Crossing Cultures

As our neighborhoods, schools and workplaces become more and more ethnically diverse, how should we respond? What cues can we as believers take from Scripture that will make us more ethnic friendly and winsome?...

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A Servant Song From Isaiah

Last February, a second-hour Sunday morning class began a study of Isaiah 52:13-53:12, the last and most well-known of four servant songs in Isaiah. ...

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The God Who Sees When We Cannot

This is a follow-up to my last blog post called “Braille and the God Who Sees.”...

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Former Muslim Gives All Glory To God

Last Wednesday night for our prayer meeting no one guessed that my friend’s story would be so moving. But judging from the number of texts, emails, and comments, I knew something wonderful was happening. All evidence to God for how he uses the weak things of this world to bring him glory....

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An Update From Our Missionary, Cindy McFarland

The Hospital of Hope is a 65 bed hospital located in northern Togo with a full outpatient clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology and surgery services. It is a hospital that offers quality medical care along with a message of hope to patients from many tribes and surrounding countries in West Africa. ...

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A Book Review - You Are What You Love (The Spiritual Power Of Habit) by James K.A. Smith

“What Do You Want?” This is the first, last, and most fundamental question in Christian discipleship. ...

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God Is Weaving His Plan-From Genesis 16

Sarai offered Abram a worldly solution to her own barrenness in offering Hagar to him to bear a child in her stead. Sarai taking matters into her own hand revealed her sin of impatience, the manifestation of her unbelief. ...

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Remaining Faithful To The End

In my own life, I find it helpful to remember that life is short and heaven is ahead. When I do, it makes a difference in how I live. With that in mind, I thought it was appropriate to share some thoughts from my mom about dying, written in a letter to her pastor....

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