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Archives for May 2013

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Summer Is For Reading

Summer is often the time of year when many people devote themselves to reading. In light of that, I am going to make three recommendations for your Summer reading. I am going to promote books from three categories: Fun, Old, and New....

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What Do We Mean By "Gospel Care"? (Part 2)

Last week’s article was a reminder that when we use the term “gospel care” at New Covenant, we are talking about specific one-to-another actions and activities that ought to be present in our life together as a result of the gospel’s transforming work in each of our lives. Gospel care includes all the ways that we minister God’s grace perso...

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What Do We Mean By "Gospel Care"? (Part 1)

What exactly is “gospel care”? Perhaps you have asked yourself that question as this term has been increasingly heard at New Covenant in recent weeks....

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What Augustine Read On His Death-Bed

Recently I finished a book by Robert Louis Wilken on the first millennium of Christian history, called "The First Thousand Years". I realized how little I know about many centuries of the history of Christ's church. There are hundreds of years in which God has been at work, preserving, protecting, and promoting his gospel through his church around the world....

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I’m unapologetically sentimental. Some people (my poor wife being an example) would argue that there is a fine line between being sentimental and being a hoarder, but memories are important to me. ...

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