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Steadfast Love

Steadfast love. It's a phrase that pops up regularly in Scripture and it speaks of God's unfailing, never-ending, Hesed love towards his people. ...

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Dear Friends

Much of my life these days seems to be focused on the idea of “trials” and I suppose that is somewhat natural given my current circumstances. ...

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Ending Life Well by Ross Stern

Ross Stern has been teaching a class on Ending Life Well. David Sunday has recommended that the entire church listen to the class from this past Sunday. Click here to listen. ...

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One Lesson From Morocco

Walking back home through the woods, depending on how close the sun was to setting, could be a scary thing if one was alone - lots of rustles in the leaves, the creaking of trees rubbing together in the breeze, branches snapping underfoot, all served to fuel my active imagination and not in a good way. However, if my brother or sister was with me, there was no fear; it was...

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I’m unapologetically sentimental. Some people (my poor wife being an example) would argue that there is a fine line between being sentimental and being a hoarder, but memories are important to me. ...

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The Goodness of God

In Genesis 32:12, God reminds Jacob that “He will surely do him good”. In Jeremiah 29:11, God reminds his people of his plans for them “plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give you hope and a future.” These promises to Jacob and Jeremiah and countless others extend to us as Paul reminds us in the New Testament “he will never leave us or...

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The Middle Mile

The middle mile and the second dash. A few months ago, Pastor David Sunday referenced an article by Vance Havner entitled "The Middle Mile" which describes the often lonely segment of an endurance race in which the adrenalin of the start is a distant memory and the adrenalin that surges at the finish is still a long way off, hidden behind twists and turns in the course tha...

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Notes From The Middle Of The Night

For those of you who wear glasses, you may have had the experience of going to the optometrist to get that new pair of glasses - either your prescription has changed or your lenses have become badly scratched. Whatever the reason, the optician comes to the table and places the new glasses on your face and all of a sudden, you see much clearer than before. Cancer is like ...

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Ministry Transition for Jon & Jenn Trott

We would like to express to you our gratefulness for your participation in the financial and prayer support of Jon and Jenn Trott during their twelve years of ministry in Brazil. We also want to take this opportunity to communicate the new direction that they will be taking in church planting ministry...

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