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Job 4-25

If you are following the Bible Reading Plan, you should be somewhere around Job 15 today. You are right in the middle of the cycle of conversations between Job and his counselors. I think it would help if you jumped ahead and read chapter 42. In Job 42:7-9 you read about God's response to Job's counselors when He rebukes them and calls them to repentance.  

Although Job does not understand why God has caused his suffering, he does express his faith in God. 
In 9:32-35 he recognizes his need for a mediator.
In 16:19-21 he knows his mediator is in heaven.
In 19:25-26 he has faith that his redeemer lives.

There are three cycles to the speeches of Job and his Counselors

Job 4-14
Job 15-21
Job 22-25
4-5  Eliphaz’s 1st speech
15 Eliphaz's 2nd speech
22 Eliphaz's 3rd speech
6-7  Job’s response
16-17 Job's response
23-24 Job's response
8     Bildad's 1st speech
18 Bildad's 2nd speech
25 Bildad’s 3rd speech
9-10 Job's response 
19 Job's response
11    Zophar's 1st speech
20 Zophar's 2nd speech
12-14 Job's  response
21 Job’s response
















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